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 "Family Home Helpers Inc". helped me out of a very stressful situation. I thought I would lose my Home and my Credit. Family Home Helpers Inc. did everything they said they would do. Not only did they buy my home; they save my Credit and I received the $29,000.00 we agreed on.

Thank you so much "Family Home Helpers",

Melissa F.
Sherwood Park , Alberta

Jim and Lorna


 "Family Home Helpers Inc. " did for us what a Real Estate Associate couldn't or wouldn't do.  They bought our house and paid us every penny we agreed too.  They have a system in place where they took over on our House, guaranteed the Payments and Maintenance, shovelled the snow almost every day last winter and paid us money every month while they were doing this.  We agreed to $195,000 for the Property and we received it.  No Sales Commission and no Lawyers Fees.  They were very easy to Deal with and always kept their word.  We are retired now and no longer want the stress of dealing with Renters.

Thank You "Family Home Helpers Inc. for removing some of the Stress from our lives.

Jim and Lorna
Devon , Alberta 

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