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We specialize in helping "Edmonton and Area" homeowners out of tough situations, if you need to sell your property quickly, for any reason, you have come to the right place.

The only purpose of this site is for you to get to know us better and how we work; we are not selling anything here, there are no online forms to fill out, no empty promises, etc. just the facts about us and what we do.

  I will Make a Guaranteed offer on your Property, any area, any condition, any price range!  

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 Are you making payments on an unwanted House and need to sell quickly?  I can Help!, and I would very much like to discuss purchasing your home.  Please notice, I am not asking to "list your home".  I am not a listing agent, and I am not associated with any real estate firm.  However; I am definitely interested in buying your house as an investment.
  Are you facing Foreclosure? 
  Are you about to be Transferred? 
  Are you going through Divorce?
  Are you 100% Financed and can't seem to find a way  out?  


 These are just a few problems that honest home owners face every day, and with as many houses on the market as there are you may be lucky to even have your home viewed.
 If your house hasn't sold with you keeping it all spruced up and pretty, why in the world would it have a better chance to sell vacant?


"Let Me Help You", I can offer you Debt Relief by getting your House payments off your back, guarantee the maintenance and let you carry on with your life worry free.  Please feel free to phone me at 780 974-2881, or send me an email at the above link.

Pro's and Con's
of selling your home the traditional way
versus my way

  I am going to offer you some information that I'm sure nobody else ever has, and I am sure that one of these examples will help you to understand the power of our system.


Example #1

  Did you know that approximately 88% of FSBO's (for sale by owner's) end up listing their house with a Real Estate agent. They usually end up doing this after about 2 to 3 months of trying to sell it themselves. (Lets keep track of the costs while all this is going on). Let's say the house in question is worth a $100,000.00 and the mortgage payment is a $1,000.00 a month. After 3 months of sitting on the market you have spent approximately 3% ($3,000) of your profit in mortgage payments. Now you list with a Real Estate agent, this will cost you another 7% ($7,000) in commission fees.  If the listing agent is good and he has priced your house right he will have it sold in about 2 to 3 months($2,000 to $3,000). You are now at about 12% ($12,000). Let's say you incur approximately 2% to 3% in closing cost.
Being "very conservative", you are now at about a 12% to 15%  ($12,000.00 to $15,000.00) loss from your profit, and that is only if your house sells? Lets not forget the fact that in a lot of cases the buyers do not take position for  2 to 3 months (two to three thousand dollars profit). These numbers are getting confusing, but if I'm doing my math right "conservatively" in this example, you are between a $12,000.00 to $17,000.00 loss in profit selling the conventional way.
  Now let's take a look at homes that do sell with an Agent.
In the first month about 20% to 25% of the listed homes sell. In the second and third month about another 10% sell, and in the fourth month about  22% to 28% sell. We have a large increase in the amount of houses sold in the 4th month because after the third month of being listed a lot of home owners drop their price.
  On average 1/3 of homes listed with an agent do not sell. When home owners lower their price in order to sell their house, this affects the price of all the houses on the street, and if you do this your neighbours will be happy with you.
  Once all the dust has settled about 5% to 6% of people end up keeping their house, and I'm sorry to say, "End up Renting It".

Example #2   Selling "Retail" is Hard

  Finding a buyer means you must List your Home on the Market, you are going to have to pay an Agent, they are going to have to find a ready, willing and able Buyer who has the credit and the income to qualify for a loan. Before this even takes place they are going to "beat you up" on the price. Then if you don't have any equity in your property you are going to have to pay the Agents Commission out of Your Pocket and hold the property for several months (while making payments) until the deal closes.
  If you buy and sell the property in less than 12 months you will have to pay "Capital Gains Tax"

Here are some advantages of selling the

"Lease Option" way


#1   We are going to move your home quickly because We Buy It!

 #2  You are going to be putting more  "Money" into your pocket because you will not be paying "Commission Fees", and We can basically fix the price at what ever the Market and We agree is fair. The reason being, We are offering "unique financing" which will help the End Buyer get into their new home almost immediately.

 #3   Another advantage is the "Tax Advantage"
  I will be installing a family into your home on a "Lease Option/Rent to Own Agreement. Most of the people do not exercise their option to purchase the home for usually "12 to 18" months. There for, if you just bought this home it will have time (while being paid for) to sit in your possession for the required 12 months, thus "eliminating" any chance of you having to pay "Capital Gains Tax" as well as depreciating it as a rental.


   Frequently Asked Questions About  
Selling Your House by Lease Option

Q. What are the benefits of selling my house on a lease option?
A. When Family Home Helpers lease options a house, we guarantee in writing that all maintenance, repairs, taxes and insurance will be paid by us while we are selling your house to a sub-tenant/buyer. Family Home Helpers only deals with high quality people who are looking to Buy, not just rent a house. When you sell your house by lease option, Family Home Helpers handles all the marketing of the house. This includes paying for advertising, screening potential tenant/buyers, and showing the house. We want the process of selling your home to go as smoothly as possible, with no more headaches for you caused by buyers who tell you that they want the house, but end up not being able to qualify for financing. You are also relieved of having to pay double mortgage payments in the event that you have to move before you are able to get a buyer for your home. In short, Family Home Helpers simplifies the process of selling your home by handling all the details that waste so much of your time and money.

Q. What are the advantages of selling my home by lease option over listing it with an Agent?
A.  Family Home Helpers makes your monthly payment while a sub-tenant/buyer is qualifying for a loan. All your expenses related to the House are taken care of. Try getting an Agent to do that while listing your home! Another advantage is that Family Home Helpers is only interested in putting high quality tenant/buyers in the Home since we make our profit by selling for higher than we buy. Since we guarantee all maintenance on the house, it is in our best interest to ensure that our tenant/buyer will take care of the home and eventually secure financing to cash you (the seller) and us out. This means that we put our tenant/buyers through an intensive pre-screening process before they are even permitted to look at the house. We don’t work for commissions (which you will not be paying), we have a vested interest in the house, and making sure that it gets sold.

Q. How long does it take before your tenant/buyer cashes me out?
A. That can depend on a number of different factors. We work with many mortgage brokers that are usually able to get most people financed after they have paid for 6 months on the lease option. Since everyone’s credit history varies, that time period can be shorter or longer for the tenant/buyer that we eventually put into the home, so we cannot guarantee when our tenant/buyer will secure new financing. However, until our tenant/buyer qualifies for financing, we continue to pay all the expenses related to the house. It is also in our best interest to get our tenant/buyer a new loan, since that cashes us out as well, so we work aggressively to get our tenant/buyer financed as soon as  Possible.

Why don’t I just sell the house myself?
A. That is always an option that is available to you. The difference would be that you are responsible for your monthly payment, your taxes, insurance, and any maintenance or repairs that the house needs while you are trying to sell it. You then need to try to find someone who can actually qualify for financing, wait for them to get approved, and hope that they don’t pull out of the deal, making you start the whole process over again.

Q. Why don’t I just find my own tenant/buyer to put in the house?
A. If you have the expertise to screen potential tenant/buyers, check references, know what sort of credit scores will allow someone to be able to be financed, deal with maintaining your home while someone else lives in it, work with mortgage brokers to get them financed, and finally set up a closing, then finding a tenant/buyer on your own would be a viable option for you. If you lack the expertise in any of these areas, we are able to help.

Q. What if your tenant/buyer doesn’t buy the house?
A. Our tenant/buyers are carefully pre-screened to ensure that they want to buy the house, and are able to buy it at some point in the future. However, circumstances can change in someone’s life, such as an unexpected job transfer, that makes it necessary to move. In situations like that, we continue to pay all the expenses for the house, while we find another qualified tenant/buyer to put into the home.
It is our goal to ensure that the process of selling your home is a smooth and easy one for you. We strive for a win-win-win situation in all our lease option deals. You, as the seller of the house, win by receiving the assurance of knowing that while the house is being sold, all of the expenses are taken care of, and the house is maintained. Our tenant/buyer wins by getting to own a home in a shorter amount of time than it would take them if they were trying to buy conventionally, as well as being able to immediately occupy their new home, while qualifying for a loan. We win by profiting from the sale of the home, as well as gaining two more satisfied customers. The reason that we are in business is, of course, to make a profit, as well as use our expertise in real estate transactions to assist home buyers and sellers in making the sale or purchase of their home an easy one.
  "Let me help you". At any given time I have between "600 to 700" pre-approved Tenant Buyers, 4 to 5  Investors and 2 Mortgage Brokers We work with that are ready to work with us on your Property. I have multiple ways of Buying your home (with or with out equity) and if your house qualifies I can Buy it for Cash or relieve you of your payments within a matter of days. 

  Rarely do problems just go away, "call now", together we can find a solution.

To find out what I can do for you email me at one of the links  provided at the top or bottom of this page or  call me at:

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